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Airplane Wing

Forms & Documents

Pilot Information/Rental Agreement

A Pilot Information & Rental Agreement form must be completed by ALL pilots. This includes renter pilots and student pilots.

This form must be entirely completed and signed.

Aircraft Checkout Form​

An Aircraft Checkout Form must be filled out by all pilots who will be acting as Pilot In Command. This includes renter pilots and student pilots who fly solo. All limitation and performance numbers may be obtained from the POH, all of which can be downloaded below. Additionally, weight & balance information may be obtained from the links below (example- for weight & balance for a C172 G1000, downloaded the W&B for either N1120Z or N1484B)

AOA Badge Application

Please refer to the AOA webpage for forms, office hours, and location.

Pilot Forms

Cessna 172N

Cessna 172P

Cessna 172S (G1000)

Aircraft POH




Aircraft Weight & Balance

Aircraft Checklists

Cessna 172P Checklists
Cessna 172S Checklists





Fly-Friendly KLGB

Fly-Friendly Program

Voluntary Fly Friendly Procedures

Nav Log/Flight Plan Form

'Pilot Finance Inc.' Application

XC Performance Worksheet

List of Aviation Medical Examiners


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