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Who We Are

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Jason M. Jeffery - Owner

Airline Transport Pilot, CFI CFII MEI

Experience: Jason has been flying since 2008 and instructing since 2012. He's earned his Gold Seal on his flight instructor certificate for his high first-time pass rate for all his students. 


Hobbies: Playing guitar, snowboarding, fishing & hunting, outdoor sports, shooting, recreational flying, and cooking.

Michael Ha

Commercial Pilot (Land & Sea), CFI CFII

Experience: Michael has been flying since 2009. With extensive flight instructor experience under part 141 and 61, Michael specializes in international students and accelerated training courses.​


Hobbies: Outdoor activities, sound engineering, traveling, fantasy sports.

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Kevin Pryor 2.png

Kevin Pryor


Experience: Native to the LA area, Kevin has been flying since 2016. He fell in love with flying after his intro flight which ignited his passion for aviation. As a flight instructor, he is looking forward to passing on his knowledge to his students.

Hobbies: Golfing, gaming, wake boarding, snow boarding, playing cards, being at the beach, and exercising.


Chris Despars


Experience: Chris has been flying in airplanes since 6 weeks old. Both parents worked for Delta. He finished his Bachelors degree at Arizona State University, then completed the 7 month to 0 hours to CFI multiengine program at ATP Flight School. He finished Private single, multi, instrument, commercial single and multi in 5 months. Three months after finishing commercial single engine, he finished his CFI3421191 check ride, then a week after that his CFII. He is working towards his 1500 hour minimum, then plans to go to regional airlines or private. 


Hobbies: Dirtbiking, snowboarding, eating out at restaurants.

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Eric Ramos Cervantes


Experience: started flying in 2017 but my passion for flying came from a young when my dad would take me to airshow's and watch planes take off at John Wayne. I take pride in my students, teaching them all aspects of flying to make them safe responsible pilots. It's not about how many pilots "The engine is the heart of the plane. But the pilot is the soul."


Hobbies: love paintball, Video games, shooting, mountain biking, hiking, car cruises.


Brandon Centeno


Experience: Brandon has always considered LA his "home away from home." While serving four years in the US Air Force as a weather officer, he got his private pilot, instrument rating, commercial and CFI/CFII ratings. Brandon brings a diverse background of experience having trained in Kansas, Louisiana, and having a weather degree. 


Hobbies: Dancing, soccer, cooking, swimming, flight sim, walking along the beach.


Amanda Villapudua


Experience: Meet Amanda. Flight attendant turned pilot. Amanda began her training in 2020 and has completed her entire pilot training from Private to CFI at Pacific Air Flight School. Having flown for a major airline and accumulated a wealth of real-world aviation knowledge, Amanda hopes to share her expertise with aspiring aviators.

Hobbies: Dancing, reading, traveling.


Luke Lauriano


Experience: Luke was born and raised here in Long Beach California, and he has been flying since March of 2018. He has a bachelor’s in Business-Finance from Cal State University of Long Beach, but he decided to stray away from the field of finance and accounting to pursue a dream of becoming an airline pilot. As a flight instructor, he has a passion for teaching students how to become safe and competent pilots.


Hobbies: Golfing, basketball, surfing, snowboarding, video games, board games, exercising, traveling, reading, and writing.

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