Jason M. Jeffery - Owner

Airline Transport Pilot, CFI CFII MEI

Experience: Jason has been flying since 2008 and instructing since 2012. He's earned his Gold Seal on his flight instructor certificate for his high first-time pass rate for all his students. 

Hobbies: Playing guitar, snowboarding, fishing & hunting, outdoor sports, shooting, recreational flying, and cooking.


Michael Ha

Commercial Pilot (Land & Sea), CFI CFII

Experience: Michael has been flying since 2009. With extensive flight instructor experience under part 141 and 61, Michael specializes in international students and accelerated training courses. 

Hobbies: Outdoor activities, sound engineering, traveling, fantasy sports.


Xavier Cobb


Experience: Raised in Louisiana, but has lived in California since 2018. Xavier received his instrument rating, commercial pilot certificate, and flight instructor certificate from Pacific Air. He enjoys seeing the growth that students undergo while flight training and is excited to see their progress.

Hobbies: Exercising, motorcycles and cars, at-home flight simulator.


Reinald Magno

Commercial SEL and MEL, CFI, CFII

Experience: Reinald is an Orange County native and grew up his whole life in the area. After college at CSUF he found an opportunity in 2013 to enter the aviation industry as a flight attendant. From there his long lost passion for aviation sparked back up and he took the plunge at Pacific Air to pursue his pilot career. Coming back full circle he is now an instructor for Pacific Air.

Hobbies: Taking his car to the race track, golf, surfing, and keeping up with his musical abilities.


Mitchell Armstrong


Experience: Mitchell was born and raised in Long Beach. He attended school in Long Beach as well. His father was a pilot, which attributed to his interest in becoming one himself. He started flying in 2018 and has been hooked ever since. Mitchell is passionate about flying and thrilled to share the experience with his students.

Hobbies: Hiking, camping, fishing, cars, boating, water sports.

N783DG cockpit.jpg

Taha Yazdandoust


Experience: As a career instructor, Taha is experienced in training pilots and musicians. He began flying in 2009 while studying toward his bachelor's degree in music and working as a guitar instructor. Taha made flight instructing the focus of his career in 2019 and has been training pilots ever since. Currently, he is working on acquiring additional aviation certificates and ratings as part of his continuing education.

Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, aerobatic flying, salsa dancing, bartending, reading, tactical shooting, hiking, camping, and fishing.


William Chang


Experience: William has been flying since 2013. He attended Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ. At ERAU, William completed his flight training and graduated with a Bachelor in Aeronautical Science and minor in Airline Professional Flight. William has been instructing since 2020 and has part 141 and 61 instructor experience.

Hobbies: Traveling, hiking, swimming, biking, and playing tennis.


Giancarlo Chico


Experience: Giancarlo had his first flight when he was 17 years old, in Puerto Rico, sparking an immense appreciation for aviation. For the past 10+ years, he has worked in various fields as an EMT, martial arts instructor, rock climbing instructor, screenwriter, video game writer, Google analyst, and talk show producer.  However, his love of flying never wavered, and Giancarlo has now decided to make aviation his primary career, looking to turn the rest of his life into an adventure; one where he can share his passion of flying with others. 


“The sky’s not the limit but you’re never gonna guess what is.”    - Julian Casablancas

Hobbies: Boxing, rock climbing, writing, reading, archery, sky diving, ziplining, going to the movies.


Kevin Pryor


Experience: Native to the LA area, Kevin has been flying since 2016. He fell in love with flying after his intro flight which ignited his passion for aviation. As a flight instructor, he is looking forward to passing on his knowledge to his students. 

Hobbies: Golfing, gaming, wake boarding, snow boarding, playing cards, being at the beach, and exercising.


Chris Despars


Experience: Chris has been flying in airplanes since 6 weeks old. Both parents worked for Delta. He finished his Bachelors degree at Arizona State University. Then did the 7 month 0 hours to CFI multiengine program at ATP flight school. He finished Private single, multi, instrument, commercial single and multi in 5 months. Three months after finishing commercial single engine, he finished his CFI check ride, then a week after that his CFII. He is working towards his 1500 hour minimum then plans to go to regional airlines or private.

Hobbies: Dirtbiking, snowboarding, eating out at restaurants.


Sam Williams


Experience: Originally from Georgia, Sam moved to Long Beach in 2019 to attend Pacific Air Flight School and pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. After completing his training he was hired as a flight instructor in December of 2021. Sam is the first pilot in his family and is always excited to help his students follow their own dreams to fly. 

Hobbies: Surfing, camping, snowboarding, golfing, running, and hanging with his dog.


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