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Are you longing to fly for the airlines, as a flight instructor, or a charter pilot? Well, these and hundreds of other flying careers have one thing in common: they all require a commercial pilot’s certificate. Even if you don’t want to use your wings to earn your paycheck, commercial training gives you the skills to fly complex aircraft with the precision and safety margins that airline passengers have come to take for granted. Not to mention, it lowers your insurance rates!


When you train for your commercial certificate with Pacific Air, you are training with the best! You will conduct your training in one of the best maintained Cessna 172RG (single-engine) or a Piper Seminole (multi-engine). In addition to the maneuvers you mastered while earning your private pilot certificate and instrument rating, you will learn additional, maximum performance maneuvers such as the chandelle, lazy-8 and eights-on-pylons. This training will build your precision, coordination, planning, orientation and overall smoothness on the controls. After completion of your training, your proficiency and skill level will sky rocket to be on par with airline pilots.

Basic Requirements:

Must hold a Private Pilot’s License

Must log at least 250 total hours

*50 hours may be completed in an FTD

Must log at least 10 hours in a complex airplane

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