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Flight Instructor Course

Enhance your knowledge and skills as you build flight hours by instructing the next generation of pilots as a Certified Flight Instructor! Earning your commercial certificate is just the first part of your journey as a pilot. There’s still so much to do and SO much more to learn before you even reach your airline or charter career. Master your craft, and go above and beyond the experience you’ve garnered as a student.


What can I expect if I enroll in the program?


  • Includes a set foundation of 15 flight hours at $209/hr for plane rental

  • 28 hours of Instructor time at $100/hr, where you will:

    • Learn how to create and implement your own lesson plans  while also  being provided the required Practical Test Standard plans by Pacific Air Flight School

    • Learn how to fly to commercial standards in the right seat

    • Learn how to endorse students, whether they’re starting from 0 time or getting a new category/class rating

  • Do your entire training using our advanced G1000 glass cockpit avionics system! 

  • *More training time provided at additional cost*


Why should you enroll in Pacific Air Flight School’s CFI program?

Becoming a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) is the best way to accumulate the hours required to get your ATP Certification. But what sets our program apart from others is our commitment to your aviation career. The instructors at Pacific Air Flight School have one of the best hourly rates than most other flight schools. Upon completion of our CFI program, you get a guaranteed interview with the owner of the company, Jason Jeffries. As our school grows, so do your opportunities as a commercial pilot. 


Take your first step into the larger world of aviation by scheduling a demo flight! The sky is never the limit with Pacific Air Flight School.



Want to learn more about our financing options? Click here to get a breakdown on how to best invest in your future.

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