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Above the Clouds


Learning to fly is a unique and life-changing experience, but choosing the right flight instructor is key to making your training efficient, safe, and fun! With Pacific Air Flight School you can choose your own schedule, train full-time or part-time, and our professional flight instructors will ensure that you have a fun time learning how to fly.

With our one-on-one dedication to your needs and schedule, our instructors will make your flight training one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences in life. Each course is specifically structured to the student’s schedule, and incorporates both ground and flight training. Pacific Air has gone through great measures to ensure that customers receive the best and safest training in the industry. From the very beginning until the very end of your training, you will be trained in a safe environment, all while having lots of fun learning one of life’s rarest and and most prestigious skills.

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Whether you are simply seeking the thrill and freedom that flying has to offer, or you're an aspiring airline pilot, everyone’s flying journey begins here. From basic maneuvers to navigating, you will learn all the basic essentials with the Private Pilot certificate.

The next step after your Private Pilot Certificate is the Instrument Rating. The instrument rating opens up a whole new world of flying that allows you to fly in the clouds, without reference to the ground or horizon.

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Are you longing to fly for the airlines, as a flight instructor, or a charter pilot? Well, these and hundreds of other flying careers have one thing in common: they all require a commercial pilot’s certificate.

Pacific Air Flight School offers the best systematic Career Pilot Program for individuals looking for a career in aviation. Our team of dedicated flight instructors will take you from 0 flight time to 250 hours in as little as 6 months!

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We offer a complete and comprehensive Certified Flight Instructor Course. It's the best and most cost-efficient CFI program around. Whether you want to fly for the airlines, fly charter, or flight instruct as a permanent career, we have one of the best flight instructor courses in Southern California. 

New to flying? Try a demo flight today!

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