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Turn your love of travel and adventure into an exciting career by enrolling in Pacific Air Flight School’s aviation career training program. As a commercial pilot, your dream destinations will become a reality, you’ll never have to check if your bank account has money, and your life will be filled with endless adventures and experiences. The Eiffel Tower, Machu Picchu, the great barrier reef in Australia, the statue of Liberty; you can explore all these amazing places without having to save up money or worry about how you’re getting there! Take that first flight with us today!


  • Can’t forget the great benefits!

    • Amazing health care coverage 

      • Life insurance

      • Dental

      • Vision

    • Lucrative paid time off 

    • Be set for LIFE with a 401K

    • Travel benefits for you AND your family

    • Cash bonuses

    • People will always need to travel:

      • Reliable job security and retirement packages!

    • You get to say that you’re a pilot!

    • The obvious: Get paid to travel the world!

  • Worried about getting a job? Don’t be! Airlines are DESPERATE for pilots:

    • Getting an airline pilot job is now more attainable than ever. In the past few decades (and especially after the pandemic), the demand for pilots has increased exponentially to the point where airlines are offering increased financial compensation and positions for new pilots entering the industry. 

    • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that there will be 18,100 pilot positions opening within the next 10 years, paving the way for more people to join the industry.


    • CNBC News story: Airline industry grapples with pilot shortage


Why should I enroll in Pacific Air?


Aside from offering personalized 1-on-1 flight and ground instruction, we work around your schedule to efficiently qualify you to start your career. By learning to fly in one of the busiest areas in the country, your day-to-day lessons will be challenging and fun. And because you’ll be training in SoCal, you can expect consistently good weather year-round, ensuring continuous flying. But what sets us apart from other flight schools in the area? 


  • Every student at Pacific Air Flight School who has wanted an airline pilot job has attained it.

  • We’re not a pilot factory. Unlike other flight schools looking to maximize profits, we constantly adapt and improve our instruction to guarantee your success. In other words, we actually care about each individual student and work diligently to make sure they pass their checkrides.

  • Although we offer 1-on-1 ground lessons, Pacific Air Flight School also actively promotes community/group learning, which has been known to:

    • Help improve test scores 

    • Build higher self-esteem

    • Instigate greater comprehension 

    • Generate positive social connections that will help our students for the rest of their careers.

    • [insert alumni testimonials here?]

  • Here at Pacific Air Flight School, we create a safe learning environment that stimulates critical thinking, enabling our students to be prepared for any obstacle they may encounter throughout their career.

  • We mirror industry standards by utilizing proper checklists and procedures, creating opportunities for new experiences and challenges other flight schools wouldn’t normally offer.

  • We teach using a variety of resources and technology. Aside from the traditional steam gauge system most flight schools use, you have the option to learn using the industry standard G1000 glass cockpit systems which are outfitted in half of our fleet.

  • Learn to fly in one of the most distinctive, eye-catching cities in the country! Aside from getting to practice your skills over the beautiful Long Beach bay, you’ll have the opportunity to fly over LAX, the Griffith Observatory, Catalina, and travel to various destinations along the southern California coast.

Phases of Training


Private Pilot Certificate: Earn your private pilot certificate by learning to fly Visual Flight Rules. This phase will develop the foundation of all your knowledge and will get you started on your career path.


Visit our Private Pilot page to learn more!


Instrument Rating: Learn to fly solely by reference to instruments during this phase. You will literally be able to fly through clouds under Instrument Flight Rules expanding the possibilities of where you can go and what you can do.


Visit our Instrument Rating page to learn more!


Commercial Pilot Certificate: Build on the knowledge and skills you already have so that you can start getting paid to fly! Learn more flight maneuvers and industry practices that will cement your career path.


Visit our Commercial Pilot page to learn more!


*Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Certificate: Help other pilots on their aviation journey by becoming a certified flight instructor! Most pilots earn a CFI certificate to build hours and expand their knowledge even further so that they’re absolutely ready for their careers.


Visit our CFI Training page to learn more!

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