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We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and have done our best to clearly answer your questions. Whether you choose Pacific Air as your flight school of choice, or decide to train somewhere else, you will find that some of this basic information to be very valuable. 


Here you will find all the necessary documents required by our renter pilots. From Pilot Information sheets to aircraft weight and balance, download all your necessary forms and documents here. 

NOTE: For those pilots new to Long Beach Airport, you will have to click on the AOA badge link, complete the AOA form, and have a Pacific Air representative sign it.


We encourage students to utilize one of the many online ground school programs available. These online courses will help you learn everything needed for your Private Pilot License. Additionally, we you will also see some helpful PowerPoint presentations that we have developed. 

In order to choose a program that best suits your needs, we encourage students to consult with a flight instructor prior to purchasing a program.

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