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Coming up on 2 years? Has it been a while since your last flight with an FAA examiner or instructor? Let’s go flying and get you back up to speed. Regulations are changing every year, but many remain the same. The Flight Review is just that, a review. Our goal as flight instructors is to ensure that you are a safe pilot, while refreshing your memory on regulations and information that may have been forgotten over the years. With Pacific Air’s detailed Flight Review, you’ll be able to get back into flying with knowledge as fresh as can be. In addition, you’ll receive study materials to take home so that you can always review FAA regulations and information. Send us an email and let’s get you back in the air!



Unless you’re a professional pilot flying several times a week, maintaining instrument proficiency is one of the most difficult things to accomplish. The FAA will allow up to 12 months to regain currency before you are required to fly with a CFII, but if you want maintain a high level of safety and proficiency, we recommend going with a CFII every 6 months. Our priority is safety and ensuring that you can manage the challenging IFR environment. A minimum of 3 approaches are required to complete the IPC and part, if not all, may be accomplished in a Flight Training Device (FTD- i.e., simulator).

If you’re out of currency or simply want to polish up your skills, then send us email and let’s get you proficient! 

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Let us help you with your flight training needs!

High-Performance Airplane Training

Complex Airplane Training

Multi-Engine Training

CFI Training

TAA Training

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