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We have devoted our lives to aviation. From ferrying to flight instruction to the airlines, the various types of flying have helped us become professionals when it comes to flight training.

We started Pacific Air after working for several flight schools and realizing that many students weren’t getting what they signed up for. Flying is supposed to be a fun experience, and when you train with us, our goal will be to ensure you become a safe pilot and have fun in the process.

We have always put all our efforts into developing an easy learning system that allows students to absorb all the knowledge required for their training. Whether it’s learning the basics of a private pilot or learning the systems of a regional jet, our training systems will help you learn tough material in no time! By incorporating popular mnemonics, memory aids, and using helpful diagrams, you will notice that learning a difficult subject will be easier than you thought.

Whatever your flight training needs are, we are confident that you will enjoy every second of training at Pacific Air Flight School. Remember, our priorities are to make you a safe pilot, while making it a fun experience… Happy Flying!



(866) ​600-9595




Mon - Fri: 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
​​Sat & Sun: By appointment only

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3333 E Spring St #222, Long Beach, CA 90806, USA

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